About Us

Your partner in planning conferences and meetings tailored for you.

At BUKSA Strategic Conference Services, your vision comes first.

That is why we work to meet your budget, fulfill your vision, and produce seamless, creative events that reflect the professionalism of your organization. Whether your event is large or small, straight-forward or complex, one day or several days in duration, live or virtual, we can assist you.

We bring a proven approach to making your conference successful – and we always have a `plan B.` Anticipating issues, presenting solutions, and keeping you informed sets us apart. You will have more time to focus on what`s important to you.

Why our clients love us:

Customized Service

Your needs are unique, so you can expect a package of services tailored to you. We flex to fit your program and budget, while keeping ahead of changes as they arise. We have planned conferences for 19 to 1900 people, both in person and web-based, in every major city in Canada and several outside of our borders. Tell us where you’re going. We’ll get you there.

We Communicate Your Way

Ten minute meetings between appointments? You got it. Email only? We can do that. Three hour brainstorms over multiple cups of coffee? No problem. Early morning or evening web conferences? Say the word. We work with busy professionals, city officials, suppliers, public representatives, communications teams, CEOs and senior managers, along with everything in between. Everyone has different ways of getting work done. What’s important is that you have the information you need, when you need it, and how you need it.

Your Partner in Planning

Your success is our success. We view every new client as a new team member, which is how we would like to be viewed. We are invested in ensuring you look good, and meet, if not exceed, the objectives set out.

Above and Beyond

We are known to go the extra mile to make the participant experience memorable. Some of our clients say it’s like a concierge service. Ask our clients, or someone who’s attended a conference we have planned – we can pass on some references.

We Problem Solve on our Feet

Plan A? Try Plan A, B, C, D, E, and F – and they’ll all look like Plan A to your participants. We think on our feet, we look at complex situations and simplify them down to what actions will get the results we need, and we act quickly and nimbly. One of the things we love most about our job is handling the tough stuff, and smiling while we solve whatever comes our way.

We Love What We Do

Many of our staff have been at BUKSA over ten years. This is because we have a great team, and we love what we get to do each day.

No matter the size or location, your event is important and deserves to be in good hands.


Planning with You in Mind

BUKSA Strategic Conference Services is a Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) that brings people together for impactful and 'wow' experiences.

We plan events, conferences, meetings and consultations. Our approach boosts revenues, builds attendance, and strengthens program content.  Most importantly it saves you time and money.

We are proud to be based in Edmonton, Alberta and work across Canada and internationally. 

Contact Us

To contact BUKSA toll free call:  1.866.436.0983
Or email us at info@buksa.com